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Healthy Lifestyle Stack: Whats Included



  • Promotes Good Health Support*
  • Enhanced Biovalability & Energy*
  • High Potency, Once A Day*
  • Balanced Micro Nutritional For Active People*

Multi Vitamins will never be the same! Vita Driven multi-vitamin formula from Integrity Driven Nutrition is designed for what every athlete needs, for every day. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are the fundamental building blocks of daily nutrition. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients play a daily role in our health, immune system, energy levels, overall focus, and performance quality.



  • Contain PPQ
  • Amazing Tasting
  • Digestive Enzymes

Fruits and Greens are the essential key to any healthy diet. This nutrient rich concentrated superfood blend not only tastes amazing but gives you a serving of all of your daily fruits and greens in a few scoops that you can mix up and drink on the go.

Integrity Driven Nutrition’s Health and Wellness Stack brings you a full day of essentials that delivers vitamins, minerals, fruits, greens, and digestive enzymes to help keep your body functioning at optimal levels. Vita Driven combined with Key Essentials Fruits & Greens gives you a full profile multi-vitamin and a complete serving of fruits and greens that have a taste that will leave you begging for more. Don’t hesitate to grab Integrity Driven Nutrition’s Health and Wellness stack that is bettering the lives of thousands every day.

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